Use Ubee EVW3200 Modem in bridged mode

Dutch ISP Ziggo recently sent it’s customers a new modem to use with their increased-speed (docsis 3) lines. It turns out this is a modem + (wireless) router combination. This is great news for the bulk of customers since they can do away with their shitty Sitecom wifi crapola. Some people however have invested in their home network-infra and do not want this unasked-for feature. But surprise: there is no straightforward way to disable the routing and put the device in bridged mode. The good people at told me the Ziggo helpdesk can login to your modem and remotely flip the hidden switch for you.

So I called them and was met with the usual incompetent and pedantic stupidity these services pour out over the unsuspecting customer. Defeat. At this point I was getting ready to cancel my account at Ziggo and try my luck with XS4ALL (The occasional downtime I can take but I can’t stand stupid -at least not from people who are supposed to be the experts).

This afternoon someone at suggested a do-it-yourself way of getting the device to give your router a WAN IP:

  1. Lookup your ‘old’ router’s MAC address. It’s usually stuck on the device itself somewhere.
  2. Open the advanced settings page on the admin-backend (default:
  3. Go to ‘Gateway’ > ‘Options’. There you will see ‘Passthrough MAC Addresses’
  4. Add your router’s MAC address to the list.
  5. Connect your router’s WAN port to the LAN1 port on the Ubee.
  6. Profit!!

Your router will now get a WAN IP and you can use the internet as before.

Note: the Ubee itself squats your old IP and still does routing on it’s own little LAN. So it’s not really ‘bridged mode’ but more bridged-as-a-sidedish. Your old router gets an IP in a different range but it seems to be a valid address.

Credits to Magnetra at ziggo-gebruikers!

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20 comments on “Use Ubee EVW3200 Modem in bridged mode
  1. Punch says:

    I have a Netgear N600 3700 I think it’s better then what Ziggo just sent me today. IS it? Can I keep using my Netgear? Do I have to install this new ubee evw3200?? Not sure what to do really, some advice would be great!!!

  2. richard says:

    The Netgear is probably better.

    You might fancy the idea of having just one device though, If so I’d say give the Ubee a try. If you find it can’t perform as well as the Netgear just follow the guide in this post to get the modem to give your router a WAN ip or if you’re not that tech-savvy give the helpdesk a try. A Ziggo employee has since confirmed they can remotely config the router as a bridge.

  3. Punch says:

    Well I don’t want to change! But will I have to? Do I have to use the Ubee that Ziggo sent me or can I keep using what I have? Right now I have a simple Motorola modem with my netgear. I game a lot & this netgear has made a big difference, so I don’t want to change. With my old modem I used to get strict settings and my upnp would never work in the correct way. So I got this netgear and happy camper ever since!!!! Plus this ubee modem looks like total garbage, could they make it ANY LARGER!! Just looks and feels so CHEAP!

  4. richard says:

    Well you need it if you want to get the max speed Ziggo offers, that’s the whole idea behind sending out these new modems. I advise you to install the new modem, activate it and call Ziggo and ask them to turn off the routing on the modem. If they say they can’t or if they say you should call ‘Serviceplus’ tell them that’s not true (I had a Ziggo employee proving they CAN. I also spoke to a Serviceplus guy who stated that the regular helpdesk can in fact do this for you), if they persist ask for his or her name and ask to speak to a manager.

    WARNING: once you activate the new modem your line gets a different config and you CAN’T use the Motorola after that.

    Once you have the Ubee in bridged mode the connection is stable (or at least has been for me).

  5. Punch says:

    Well I do not want to have my whole entertainment center cluttered up with modems and wires, bad enough already! Plus I game and with my old router I used to have nothing but issues with strict NAT settings and my upnp would be set to open but it showed closed on my games.. Speed? How much of a diff are we talking here? My Netgear runs at 150 avg and I think it will go as high as 300. I have ZERO issues with the way things are now. So is Ziggo going to FORCE us to change modems??? What if I never hook the UBEE up? One day my internet just stops working???

  6. Rovvie says:

    I have the Ubee EVW3200 in use for about 2 weeks now and there are some issues with it. The major issue is that it is not workable with the “firewall” functionality switched on (i have it totally disabled). I am happy with it for now, seems stable also speedwise.
    The use of this device (or another brand docsis3 router) will be mandatory in the near future but you can probably wait a while until current problems are ironed out.

  7. Punch says:

    Yeah I’m gonna wait. My neighbor has it and has nothing but issues with it. Seems that it looses connection about 2 times a day, he then has to unplug it and wait then plug it back in.. He says he has not noticed a big difference in speed, I looked at his system and it seems to be no different then we have now. Not to mention the fact that it has a MUCH weaker antenna system then I have now, he can hardly get a connection on the 3rd floor. I HATE the fact that ZIGGO pushes this UGLY/HUGE pile of crap down our throats. Last time I checked we were CUSTOMERS!!!!

  8. richard says:

    I’ve had the modem in use for almost a month now and when in bridged mode it has been no less stable then my Motorola used to be. When I first installed it I had the same problems as your neighbor had. Put it in bridged mode for him 🙂

  9. Hanif says:

    My router is Cisco 1811W. I have got connected by ISP’s(Ziggo of Netherlands) given Ubee cable modem router and it directly connected with Cisco router through ethernet cable in FastEthernet port (1). I am trying to get dynamic IP from Ubee modem to my Cisco router. Since i have got an option inside the Ubee modem “To pass through” where MAC address of Cisco router can be added.

    But it seems cisco router is not getting expected dynamic WAN IP from Ubee modem!

    I have already tested by adding laptop ethernet MAC address to this Ubee modem and it works!
    So what might be the cause?

  10. richard says:

    Maybe your Cisco router is not configured to receive a WAN IP by DHCP?

  11. Hanif says:

    Sorry i already done it, but no luck!

  12. Trinsec says:

    Thank you so very much for this post. I’ve gotten an Ubee router/modem and I preferred to keep using my own little Linksys router because it is a tad more configurable. Your post has helped me to make my router get its own WAN IP addy and continue on like usual. This (semi-)bridged mode works so far and I see no negative effects on my speed.

  13. Gogu says:

    @Hanif: I have also a CISCO1801W (quite the same I suppose) and for me it works fine the pass trough MAC address (bridge mode) and also I get DHCP IP address. What I had to do is to shut no shut on the Fa0 interface in order to get the DHCP IP address. Try this.


  14. gek says:

    Great tips, but maybee someone reading me can help out. The Ubee works fine and I have set a passthrough to my VOIP server on my local lan. I can dhcp just fine and reach the voip server from the internet. Now I do not want to switch off the UBEE, so I have connected everything to it and use the UBEE as the dftgw to the outside world. This works great until about 4 hours into the game and then the modem just hangs. You reboot it and after 20secs it hangs again. The only option to get the modem working is to remove the passthough.

    From reading all the documentation on the Net this should work but no luck. Anyone have a clue?

  15. Juan says:

    Hello Richard,
    I am trying to place my modem into bridge mode but I don´t have admin password…is there a default username + password used by Ziggo?
    Thanks for your help and time

  16. Theun says:

    Aight here it goes:
    The ubee ziggo supplies is NOT CAPABLE.
    ftp does not work, even on your “bridged mode”
    also sftp etc.
    it does with a 130mbit line between 30 and 200mb,
    so i asked for a 40mbit, never had a better line!
    Now the stupid *** raised that speed to 50 and soon to 60, so my line is getting better and better (huhum..)
    they will not activate my old modem so i’m totally screwed.

    i’m now working on a 200mb Fiber, hoping that’ll work..

  17. robin says:

    Thanks for the work-around, I can use my new router and phone now!

  18. Rick Kreuk says:

    For me, the new router is working fine regarding browsing the internet. However, since the new firmware update it is causing me massive grief when trying to port-forward. I just can’t get it to open the port, whatever I try! Any suggestions to what may be the cause of this?

  19. Erwin Greven says:

    Since a new update of the Ubee EWV3200 firmware, i can’t update my virus scan and i can not play Silent Hunter V or even NR2k3.
    Very frustrating because i had no problems with this modem/router for almost 1,5 years.

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